Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mum And Dad Love Letters

 by yt sumner and Chloe Caldwell

Dear Mum,

Hi how are you? 

I hope your feeling better. I miss you probobly more than the girls and Terry. Its funny though, because sometimes I hate it so much here I feel like jumping out of the window and coming home!

And sometimes its just like being on a holiday…..without you of course. When Terry hurts himself or gets told off he says “Muummy” it sounds so cute.

Gromors coming over tomorrow and Ive got a card for her. 

Don’t worry Ive got a present and a card ready for you when you come.

Im running out of things to say. 

Oh yes I met this really cool girl in my section her name is Michelle Vella. You would really like her. Shes got me to love BROS even more than Naomi  (ha ha)  Oh and someone else whos pretty cool Rosie Harris shes a girl in my grade. Michelle is 15 and rosie is 11. I come into her room nearlly all the time. 

Naomi dosnt really like it here. I hate Angela she is so crabby. 

Ive got nothing else to write except we all Love you.

.p.s. hope you get better soon.


yt sumner writes fiction these days - and her spelling has slightly improved. You can spellcheck her at This week she's proud of not getting drunk at work.  
Chloe Caldwell is proud of yt for not getting drunk at work, but would be prouder if she had gotten just a little buzz.

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