Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some Wayward Thoughts On Love

 by Mike Meraz

I do not believe in love at first sight but I do believe
in love at first vibe. it has happened to me many
times before. and those that I love I usually love in a
moment. I do not believe kindness has anything to
do with love, or how nice you are, you just love who
you love and that is all (though kindness does
nurture love). and sometimes this love may not
always be a healthy love, but it is undoubtedly a
connection that is stronger than any act of charity
can bring. I believe there is a spiritual affinity that
you share with certain people. and this affinity is
beyond logic. and that is why some people ask,
"why do you love them?" and all you can say is "I
don't know.. I just do." and it is because there is
something about that person that endears you to
them, that makes you feel, that brings you some
kind of identity that inspires you to be yourself. they
give you the courage to be who you truly are
because you have realized, "hey, I'm not alone." this
is why certain artists inspire us. it is a soul
connection. you have met a fellow soul mate.
someone from the same mold in a sense. I have this
theory about humans. I believe humans are a lot like
animals. not in the sense of being wild. but in the
sense that there are certain breeds. and when you
have met someone from your breed, you know it.

Mike Meraz
is a poet from Los Angeles who currently lives in New Orleans. He is the author of two books of poetry Black-Listed Poems and All Beautiful Things Travel Alone. Both are available at and He is also the editor of Black-Listed Magazine. Mike is proud this week that he did not shoot his boss in the face.