Thursday, May 27, 2010


by Louisa Casanave

Go on and take that shower. Think of the people who have seen your naked body and how sorry the number is. Go on and regret every compliment you ever got from the right person at the right time and did nothing about but blush and smile and stand there like a fool. Go on fantasize about how you will flirt with that sexy beast, you know, the one that’s younger then you and so tall and fit, whose honest you can just tell, while you only have the knowledge you’ve gained though out the years of only having sex when someone whips their uglies/pretties out, and your too high on codeine to care. Go on. Indulge yourself at the idea of entertaining their wildest dreams of everything you could be to them, do for them and with them, to them and them to you, and both of you to a third party that is only invited over once an agreement has been put in place, making it a one time thing and with a safety word. Remember fondly that one time when you were drunk and high and that the he or she of the evening was so sweet that god must be too, and you came on to them, and when you came they smiled at you like they were the lucky one.

Louisa Casanave is openly a schizophrenic, Neo-pagan, bisexual and college drop-out. She lives in Brooklyn and is 21. Most recently, she has been published by The Bloody Bridge Review and decomP, among others. She also has an online poetry blog at is proud of herself because this week she only lied once.

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