Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Next Married Man..

by Julia Davies

He wants to smell my fingers
after I have dragged them from my slit,
and he wants to taste them too.
Second hand cunnilingus.

He wants me to bend my head to his
peel back the skin and push my tongue into his slit.
Suck him to the point of no return while
he is sucking at my fingers.

I think I won't do it, he is a bit too old
and set in his ways. He thinks that as long as his cock
isn't pushed up in me then it is not really
cheating. His heart won't unfold.

But, I am not a ripe fruit,
they are not juices but secretions, more sluggish
and oh I want to stay damp as I age,
I don't want to be dried out.

Whoever I take into me next will
always suffer by comparison, no, not to the wide

necked wine bottle by the bed but to

"the ex", I want him still...

The old guy texts again, "Lets meet,"
I am bored and scared of life without sex, without
an admirer, someone to flirt with and
be naughty but occasionally sweet.

We walk on the heath and into the trees
He is tall and sturdily built, and I hope his cock is too.
He is not getting away with just being blown,
I want him to betray his life. "Please,"

he says, groans as he lies on the ground.
Trusting me to hold him in my mouth and only do as he
wants me to do, wrinkled balls but smooth
skinned shaft, my lips slide round.

Suck, pull him towards my throat
grazing his head on the inside of my cheek, teeth slide
and suppressing gag reflex. His hips move
jerkily, I push him back on the coat.

My hand under my skirt, rubbing.
"I'm touching myself so you can taste me," I'm powerful
as I move up to kiss him, see if he likes his
taste. "God I was nearly coming!"

Move the gusset across to the side
dabble, then thrust my fingers under his nose, press my thumb
into his mouth, he likes being dominated. Then
straddling him, I slide his cock inside.

Afterwards I pretend, that
his cry was only ecstasy, it contained no loss, he
wanted it just as much as I did but,
seeping spunk, I feel flat.

Julia Davies is a practised reader and practising writer & lives in Germany. she doesn't think she has masturbated anywhere unusual and is a bit depressed about that. This week she is most proud of putting fingers to keyboard and writing something again.


  1. A funny, unfulfilled side light Julia. I did a short story on a challenge from a friend that ended up with an offer from Playgirl some years ago but it may be too long for this blog post. The challenge was to write strictly from a woman's perspective.
    If you want a copy for laughs, I'll email it to you.

  2. yeah I'd love to see it ed!
    you'll find my e-mail address at the bottom left of andif you want an invite to my "adult content" blog let me know ;)

  3. This was wonderful, Julia, and brought back feelings of emptiness from long ago, far away experiences that eventually grounded me in a happier future place.

  4. glad you got away from that place T!

  5. oh my god! this was fantastic! very very hmmmm ...what word shall i use here...ORAGASM-IC?
    simply wonderful Julia...