Friday, May 7, 2010

Choking On Elevators

by Steve Calamars

The elevator stopped. Miles Blue removed his hand from the emergency button and pulled Simone Greene close to him.
Simone attempted to kiss him. Miles offered only his cheek and turned Simone around. He pushed her up against the back of the elevator. Her warm cheek pressed up against cold metal.

Miles slid his left hand up Simone's body and softly gripped her throat. He gently squeezed and kissed the back of her neck.
Simone moaned quietly and bit her bottom lip.
Miles moved his right hand along her thigh and up her skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties. He squeezed her thick ass and slipped his hand up between her legs.

Miles applied pressure to her throat. Simone smiled and her pussy became wet.
Miles dropped his slacks. He lifted Simone's skirt and eased inside.
He squeezed her throat. Simone's pussy began to squeeze around his dick. Miles kissed the back of her neck and squeezed her throat harder. Simone gasped and her pussy squeezed even tighter around his dick.
Miles began to fuck Simone hard. He tightened and loosened his grip in rhythmic intervals. The tightness of Simone's pussy matched the tightness of Miles' grip on her throat.

She began to drift in and out of consciousness. Miles kept her pinned against the back of the elevator. He fucked her pussy and held her body up by the throat. Simone caressed his dense, muscular forearm and smiled.
Miles suddenly kissed the back of her neck and came. He squeezed her throat powerfully and her pussy almost choked his dick.
Miles released her throat and slid out of her. He pulled up his slacks. Simone pulled down her skirt and turned around.

He pushed the emergency button and the elevator began to rise again.
Miles kissed Simone on the side of the neck and stood beside her.
The elevator stopped. Miles did not make eye contact and stepped out. The doors closed and Simone pushed the button for her floor.
As the elevator went up, a warm white goo began to run down Simone's inner thigh.

She bit her bottom lip and eased her small left hand up her body and around her throat.

Simone squeezed tenderly and reached for the emergency button with her free hand. She began to run her fingertips up the inside of her thigh, smiled to herself and closed her eyes . . .

Steve Calamars blogs @ His first collection of short stories, six years of relative happiness, is forthcoming in May from Calliope Nerve Media. He can be found in This week he is proud because he made sexy, thick thighed Mexican girl happy with simply an email . . .

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