Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2 Love Poems

by Shannon Peil

most poems don't start with
but i'm going to change that
one whore at a time
cuz i thought
you ruined women for me
but that's giving you way too much credit
see i can find
a girl
way more self involved
and vapid
than you
i can do so much worse
than you
and i'll do it
i'll write her things
that will make her cry


my favorite quality
in a girl is a deep
anal cavity
just the ability to relax
grit her teeth
and take it
and this
is as close
to a love poem
as i have written
since you.

Shannon Peil writes more poetry about his dick than anything else and is unsure of what that means. His poetry is available on men's room walls absolutely free of charge, provided you come to Boulder, CO to read it. He also runs for no reason other than to reject work better than his.

SSF: What is one thing you did this week that you are proud of?
SP: I slept a lot, snorted a bit, and fucked a few times this week. I belong here.


  1. wow... these are great...
    particularly liked "I can do so much worse than you and i'll do it" and the "ability to relax grit her teeth and take it"