Sunday, April 18, 2010


by Paul Kavanaugh

A cup of hot coffee before a blowjob is wonderful, much better than hot tea, I am thinking about black tea, but both are inferior to hot chocolate. There is something about the texture of hot chocolate that clings warming the spongy interior of the mouth. A mouthful of mash spuds welcomes the penis like a pillow with a sleepy head, a mouth bulging with buttery sweetcorn teases the penis like scotch tape over an erect nipple, whipped cream is cloying and dissipates, fruit liquefies and cools. There is only one thing better than hot chocolate and that is smooth rocks. A mouthful of smooth rocks warmed with spit is a pleasuredome for any erect penis. Lilly wanted so dearly to be an actress. The only problem was she had a speech impediment. To cure this anomaly she was told by her elocution teacher to practice speaking with a mouthful of rocks. As she took my penis into her stuffed mouth I told her she did not need to speak. My dentist told me once that toothpaste is the best. The penis first experiences a cold sensation followed by a warming. It does not take long for the toothpaste to work its magic, it is similar to cocaine, the penis feels as though it is being attacked by flames, it burns, smarts, and finally it weeps, or seeps, it drips droplets the size of rocks.

Paul Kavanagh lives in Charlotte.
SSF: What is one thing you did this week that you are proud of
Paul: Flying while reading the Selected Essays of Delmore Schwartz while Listening to Father Yod.

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