Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Angel With A Gun

by Anna Gray

I stand here
Inevitably, looking sweet
You see a halo above my head
I see it
beneath my feet

I'm stepping on it
I'm jumping into it
Pounding it into the dust
I plead with it to break
If only it would bust

But if won't.
Because I'm an angel.
An angel (with a gun)
An angel with a mission:
To have some kind of faith of fun

Let's start a riot
Total anarchy on the Stairway to Heaven
But it's not good
cause we can only stay til' eleven

Then we'll head down to Hell
There, it's an all night rave
We'll get us some good drugs
Some LSD and some XTC
Whatever gets you high

We'll dance til' we can't dance anymore
Then we'll go home
I'll have you on the floor
First I'll tease you
But in the end
I'll please you
Cause that's what angels are for.

After I've had
All my fun,
I know I won't get in trouble
cause I'm an Angel (with a gun)

Anna Gray wrote this poem when she was thirteen. She is now twenty-nine and often masturbates in toll booths, where she works.

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