Monday, March 8, 2010

Red Blinks

by Shannon Peil

I jerked off to you again today. I had been trying and trying and trying to cum for quite a while and you just kept popping into my head despite how hard I was trying to focus on something else. I just couldn't shake this undeniable want for you and ended up climaxing to that first video I ever recorded of you. The one you didn't know about until a few days later, catching a blinking red light from a webcam. I remember the vodka and the percocet, the ecstacy and the surprise at your reaction. Your anger flared up for no more than ten seconds before you were watching it with me, rubbing me through my slacks. It wasn't long before we were snorting rails and fucking while watching ourselves fucking from the day before, and so on until a week later we were fucking while watching ourselves fucking watching ourselves fucking and I swear to god that percocet made me Superman. Superman with a four hour hard on and a bloody nose.

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  1. i got a blow job once at a party. but i thought i was fuckin i was so drunk. if the blog job was a fuck in my mind, what was it? fuck or suck?