Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How's a girl gonna jizz in a dishwasher?

2:28 PM Michael: I am having another shitty day
me: what do you think would happen if you were to jizz in a dishwasher slot where the detergent goes and then hit start?
Michael: it would wash dishes with jizz water
2:29 PM me: but would they be sticky?
2:31 PM Michael: I assume it would depend on the amount of jizz
me: and would it leak out the bottom? because you know how it fucks up dishwashers when you put normal detergent in them?
that'd be a fun way to get revenge on someone.
2:33 PM Michael: hahaha, but how would you be alone long enough to masturbate into someones dishwasher?
me: no not me. a guy duh
2:34 PM Michael: that's what I mean. how is a girl gonna jizz in a dishwasher...naturally a guy
2:35 PM me: well the girl has to be willing
the guy jizzes into it, they wash the dishes, then eat off of them
2:36 PM me: or the girl has a guy jizz into it, washes the dishes and then has her ex or whatever over and feeds him a romantic meal on the dishes. i would like to see it done in a movie
Michael: that would be hilarious. I think the conversation about doing it before the actual act would be the funniest
2:37 PM me: i have been thinking about it for a while.
me: how much money would you eat your best friend's cum for?
Michael: I would not suck my best friends cock so why would I eat his cum
me: eating cum is easier. like on a cracker.
Michael: $100.
2:43 PM me: do you think anyone has ever came in a dishwasher before
Michael: I am sure someone must of right? but i have never heard of it before
2:44 PM Michael: do you want me to cum in your dishwasher?
2:45 PM me: apparently.
Michael: I can do that. I am semi hard thinking about it
2:46 PM me: thinking about what?
2:47 PM Michael: jizzing in your dishwasher
2:49 PM me: i just wanted to see you write it!
so how would we do it?
2:52 PM Michael: you blow me in your kitchen and I bust in your dishwasher
3:03 PM me: yeah but i think it would be funnier to watch you jerk off into it. the scene in my head is like an abusive thing where the guy does it and forces the chick to eat off the dishes.
3:04 PM Michael: I could do that too....although I like being abusive while you give me head too.well if you want me to jerk off into your dishwasher, just tell me when.
me: i'll wait till i'm out of detergent. so let's just do it and then see how the dishwasher reacts
Michael: cool
3:05 PM me: no i want to make you come with my mouth no, close to coming
and then you finish it off in the dishwasher
Michael: sounds great
me: you're going to have to kneel down
Michael: not a problem
3:06 PM me: so that's my master 2010 plan.
Michael: are you going to be home tonight?
me: maybe
3:07 PM Michael: I cannot stand up from my desk right now
me: why?
Michael: hard on

By Nancy Wheeler

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