Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sorta Free Gas

by Kit Andrews     

The car had been parked outside for about a half an hour already.  I saw the couple who owned it approach and talk to people as they pumped their gas.  I knew the type; they were passing through, out of money, and probably selling crap out their car.

 We get about two of these a month, people relying on the kindness of strangers.  I was only interested because the girl was decent looking and I hadn’t had any in a while.  I was really hoping they would come into the store instead of making me go out there.

Eventually, towards the end of the night when the store was getting empty the girl walked into the store and sheepishly approached the counter.  She asked if I was interested in candles.  Candles?  Yeah, they were selling candles out of the trunk of their car; in a failing attempt to fund their trip away from their judging families.

 I offered twenty bucks in gas for a blow job in the bathroom.  She feigned shock.  She didn’t blush though and we both knew why.  She went back to her boyfriend and they argued a little bit.  She came back in and told me it would cost at least fifty.

We negotiated it to thirty-five and they could have the food out of the deli that I would be throwing away at the end of the night.  She went out and talked to the boyfriend and came back in.  She wanted some of the food now, while it was hot.  I gave her two chimichangas, a chicken breast, and half a dozen corn dogs.  I even threw in a couple fountain drinks.

Later that night when my relief showed up and took over the register I went out to let her know I was ready.  Neither of them would look me in the eye.  We went back into the store and the girl followed me into the bathroom while her boyfriend hovered around the beer aisle.

I went to sit on the toilet but decided to stand.  She got down on her knees and sucked me off.  She was hurried and lacked all technique.  I eventually came in her mouth.  She spit into the sink and used some water to wash out her mouth.  I don’t remember saying much but I did mock her for murdering my unborn children.

We walked back out where the boyfriend was waiting.  I gave them a larger paper bag that reeked of fried chicken and had grease seeping through the bottom; we double bagged it into a plastic bag.  I had my coworker put thirty-five dollars on pump four and I signed the form to have it put on my tab.

Kit Andrews is a living failure at the age of twenty five who's biggest accomplishment is that he's a mediocre World of Warcraft player.  Not really his favorite song to have to sex, but a recurring trend none the less is Marylin Manson's The Beautiful People.


  1. I LOVED the hell out of this. Realism at it's dirty best.

  2. lol! poor kit. to bad this really didn't happen. at least you got to see some nice tits every once in a while. ha ha ha.