Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bad Night At The Bar

 by James Mannix

Even though I was in a tequila coma.
I could still.
Notice your face.
That condescending look I always receive.
When I'm that fucked.
Wish I didn't.
Run into you.
While in my coma last night.
My shirt might as well have said.
But I told you what clothing store.
I shopped at.
The Disappointment Store.
Located on the corner of.
Piss Drunk and Fuck My Life.
So that was your warning.
From the start.
Yet that face still stabbed me in the stomach.
Even while in my coma.
Tequila coma.

Its raining and.
My disappointment poncho.
May be dirty and reeking of booze.
But yours.
It's clear.

I am jealous.
Of your sobriety.

Not jealous.
Of your see-through poncho. 

James Mannix lives in New York. He thinks any Sade song is great to have sex to. Either that, or Pantera's 'Cowboys From Hell.'

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