Friday, October 15, 2010

I Know I Love Her

by Kit Andrews

      I'm in love with this girl.  How do I know that I am in love with her?  Well I could list off a bunch of mushy reasons that would make me sound like a Shakespeare plagiarizer or I could tell you the truth.

      I know I love her when I'm done pissing and I decide not to flush the toilet when she's in the shower.

      I know I lover her when she messes with the paper and I don't roll it up and smack her on the side of the head with it.

      I know I love her when we go out to eat and I don't give her a price limit that ultimately leads to me ordering her food for her.

      I know I love her when she says something so absurdly stupid it makes me want to call her retarded and I don't.

      I know I love her when I look at another women, think about cheating, but don't and the reasons have nothing to do with possible baseball wielding brothers or fathers.

      I know I love her when I actually take the time to tap her on the forehead before I cum in her mouth.

Kit Andrews is a living failure at the age of twenty-five who has just been able to admit that he's actually a pretty crappy World of Warcraft player.  Not really his favorite song to have sex to, but a recurring trend none the less is Marilyn Manson's The Beautiful People.


  1. the last one had me gigglin'. I have a vivid imagination and can picture it.

  2. I slept with a guy like this for a year. Except, he didn't love me.

  3. ahhh! a true gentlemen to share in his ways of the "little ways" to show your girl you love her. why can't more men do that? i've almost gone blind in my one eye!