Thursday, July 15, 2010

Magic Mushroom Haiku

 by Clayton Loyd

desert night sky dream
thoughts mushrooming from the sand--
dude, we're tripping balls

my take on this is the kigo is magic mushrooms based on their natural cycle (although I'm not sure which season that is) and the dash functions as the kireji.

Clayton Lloyd
is a former prosecutor (you read that right), musician, and general wannabe bohemian.  His travel has spanned the globe and his idiocy (and tendency to hang around idiots) amazes people who believe that Darwinism or MENSA membership mean anything.  He's been published in a few small journals, and featured in a couple of venues, mostly by his friends.  This week he didn't drink more than six beers one day.  That was awesome, and proves AA would be a waste of time.

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