Sunday, July 25, 2010

All Of Them

by Patrick Trotti

Liz was my first. Even at the time I think that I knew that this was going to be nothing more than a drunken one night stand. I was thirteen and at one of my first high school keg/house parties. The night was filled with beer pong, keg stands, and loud music. Sometime after midnight I found Liz outside smoking a cigarette. She gave me one. We were so drunk that both of us needed to lean on the side of the house to stay upright. She was wearing a low cut tank top and a short denim skirt. After finishing her smoke she turned to me and said, “Follow me.” I barely knew her but I knew of her. She was the town slut. In fact, all my friends called her the MTA because everyone got a ride. We went upstairs to a random bedroom. The lights remained off but it was still light enough for me to see what I was doing. I didn’t even wear a rubber and when it was done I came all over her tramp stramp; I think it was a tattoo of a rose. As we were getting clothed she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “I needed that, thanks.” I didn’t talk to her again for another year.

Sarah was my first real girlfriend. She was a nice girl. I had to wait three months before she let me have sex with her. It was during lunch period at school. We went back to her house and clumsily fucked for twenty minutes. I was so proud of myself for lasting that long. We fucked, on and off, for the next three months before I found a reason to dump her.

Laurel was Sarah’s best friend. One night we met up to go see a movie. Sarah was supposed to meet us there but called and said she wasn’t feeling well. Even though we didn’t really have much in common, we decided that we might as well see the movie. The theater was completely empty and by the time the previews were over she was giving me head. The movie was horrible. We fucked quickly about halfway through in a theater bathroom stall. The next time I saw her I didn’t speak a word of what had happened. She moved away with her family soon after.

Mary lived down the street from me. We had been friends starting back in pre-school. I always viewed her as more of a tomboy because she was the only one that could hit a baseball further than me while growing up. She developed over the course of one summer and when we returned to school in September she had the biggest tits in school. We started fooling around after school. I would tell my mom that I was going over to her house to study. She thought Mariah was a good girl. She wasn’t. Her tits gave her a newfound confidence and she used them to get as much attention as possible. For weeks I was obsessed with her. She gave the best blowjobs and she let me tity fuck her until I came on her face. This lasted for at least a year. She was my first true love but I never told her so because I was afraid that if she didn’t feel the same way than I would have to go back to masturbating. We remained friends with benefits for years.

Amanda and I met at summer camp between ninth and tenth grade. She gave me a blowjob in the woods one day. She put a mint in her mouth first; it made my dick tingle. I think it was winter fresh flavored. We would go on nature walks and share joints and then fuck by the water. It was beautiful. We promised that we’d keep in touch after the summer but we never did.

Samantha was the first college girl I’d been with. I was fifteen at the time and didn’t have a girlfriend. All of the girls my age were more concerned with their petty little girl problems. I needed a real girl, a woman. She was almost five years older than me and liked cool music and smoked menthol cigarettes. She would buy me beer and cigarettes. I spent more time that year in her dorm room than I did anywhere else. The sex was amazing except for the fact that I was falling in love with the idea of her and what she represented. Eventually she left me for a graduate student who was into French films and vegan food.

Jackie was a real slut. She could drink me under the table and every time she got drunk she wanted to fuck. Our first time together was in her parent’s bedroom with them downstairs. One time we spent the entire winter break in her bedroom. Her parents had gone on a skiing trip to Switzerland and she kept me handcuffed to the bed and only let me out to go to the bathroom and eat a few meals a day. We fucked ourselves out of love. I heard that she’s a pornstar now.

Abby was the first girl that I made love to. I went out with her for eight months before I even asked for a blowjob. There was something so beautiful and innocent about her that I was scared to fuck her. I even began writing sappy love poems and left them in her locker at school. For a while I was convinced that she was the one that I’d marry. She ended going to the junior prom with one of my best friends and I refused to talk to her after that.

Spanish girl at the bar. I know that she told me her name and where she was from and all that but I was far too drunk to remember. The only thing I recall was the sex. Without saying a word she took my dick and put it in her ass. It felt so good. I stayed the night and snuck out her bedroom window in the morning so as not to wake up her roommates.

Julie worked at the local coffee shop. She was sixteen when I met her and I had just turned seventeen. She still had braces and reminded me of Abby. We would have sex and then stay up all night and just cuddle next to each other waiting for the sun to come up. My mother liked her; she thought she was a nice girl. She was until I caught her cheating.

Kim and I had sex because we had nothing better to do. It was a one-time thing and to this day I wish that I had asked her out.

Karen gave sloppy head but she let me fuck her in the ass and didn’t mind if I saw other people. I think she had father issues.

Caitlin and I met at a local bar that didn’t card me. She was from out of town; somewhere up north and was in town for the weekend. I spent two nights with her in her hotel room. She paid for room service and even let me watch dirty films on the television while we fucked. We would watch a scene and then try and act it out. It was a lot tougher than I had previously imagined. On Sunday morning she dropped me off at home and gave me her number. When I called it was disconnected.

Nikki was a friend of a friend. She could get me free coke when I wanted in return for sex with her. She wasn’t pretty but she loved sex and was the first girl that I had given multiple orgasms to.

Beth was the last girl I fucked before going away to college. I was horny, desperate, and drunk. She wasn’t really my type but she was the first and only redhead I had sex with.

Danielle was in my freshman composition class with me. We studied together for the midterm and she gave me a hand job in the library. We went back to her dorm room and I talked her into having a threesome with her roommate Juliana.

Juliana saw each other a few times after the threesome. She would come to my dorm room because she didn’t want Danielle finding out about us. She did and Juliana gave me this long speech about friendship being more important than sex. I never saw either of them again.

Kelly was my freshman roommate’s girlfriend. He could see that we both liked each other and instead of losing her to me he offered to have a threesome. I did. It was weird. I couldn’t focus on Kelly and felt that I was competing with him. I still came on her tits.

Lauren was my sophomore year girlfriend. I was in a serious mood and felt that I needed to make some sort of commitment. I even brought her home to meet my family for Thanksgiving. We snuck off during dessert and fucked in the upstairs bathroom. My mother didn’t like her because she had too many tattoos. When we got back to school I stopped calling her.

Leslie was the one fat chick I fucked. I was getting over Lauren and met her at a party one night. She gave great head. She wanted to get on top during sex but I said no; I was scared she would crush me. I think she realized this and got upset. I came in her eye and she left crying.

Erica worked as a teaching assistant. My plan originally was to fuck her in order to get answers to the final. She was a real freak. She told me after a couple of dates that she couldn’t get off without being choked and slapped. She even liked biting and whipping. It wasn’t my thing but whenever I did it she seemed to be more into it.

Girl from the library. She let me slide on an overdue book. I took her out for coffee and on the way home she gave me head in the car. We fucked in the parking lot. I never saw her again.

 Patrick Trotti is a 24 year old native New Yorker pursuing a degree in creative writing. Despite wanting to fall in love he's still incredibly scared of commitment. One of his favorite words is bloviate.

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