Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Self Vs. Self.*

 by Shannon Barber

I’m watching her in the mirror, Narcissus with her hands around her
own throat. Her legs are spread wide and I can see into her secrets,
wet wanting secrets, secrets spoken in tongue on clit and hot breath
on lips.

I want her.

I hate her.

I love her.

I am her.

One-hand leaves her throat travels familiar terrain, pausing to mark
one breast with sharp fingernails, it is possessive.

She is mine.

She must wait, she must suffer this and watch it play out across her
face and in the shiny reflection of her wanting cunt. She is a
ravening beauty, molten in her rut. I’m a little shocked that the
mirror does not fog and obscure my view of her. The air is clear.

I pause, she pauses and our eyes lock. Burning gaze reflected and
refracted by the mirror, fingers poised over cunt, this moment is
everything. The scent of her pussy is like umeboshi on her tongue.

She wants me.

She hates me.

She loves me.

She is me.

We are merged; we are greedy and too weak to resist our avaricious
desire. We must have satisfaction, fingers plunged deep inside lush
wet heat, lips parted, gaze on gaze on gaze in the mirror. The hand
returns to Narcissus’ throat tightens, squeezes, nails biting into
flesh. We are in the throes of subduction, mighty and flaming.

We fall.

We rise.

We are sated.

And finally spent we are one.

Shannon Barber
is a 33 year old author who resides in the Pacific
Northwest. The strangest place she has ever masturbated was in the
back of a moving vehicle while looking out the back window. Sometimes
the passing lights give her the special tingle. Her writing has been
seen in Sex & Murder Magazine, Frequently*Felt, DiddleDog and The


  1. Fantastic story. I love the imagery that you have here. It's so evocative and provacative.

  2. Marvelous. Lush, lush language. A pleasure to read in many ways.

  3. I'm loving the combination of power and grace in the writing If only Narcissus wasn't such a twat (he always was!)

  4. Thank you folks so much I really appreciate the feedback.