Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Playboy and Playgirl Make a Soup

 by Jay Coral

Like some framed fantasy reenacted
her pale skin the color of milk in the bathtub
she makes the Venus pose in the divan
instructs him, her servant, to hang red draperies
as a backdrop and sends the Chihuahua away
so they can cavort while her boyfriend sleeps in the anteroom.

PB: "Let us forever be hearing impaired and
listen only to the gentle heartbeats of a make-up sex
to serve you is to walk the high wire of your whims
to appease you is to cut my ear and my dick all over again
you smother me like a battered chopping board
yet worship fellatio like a suicidal saint."

PG: "We will manufacture our own past
you will be a proud sailor out in the ocean
and i will be a lovesick wife in the lighthouse
you can shag foreign tramps if you like
and i can hunt frail boys, like you, on vampire nights
love will continue to grow mold underground
but still shine when the miser counts his gold."

Jay Coral still dreams about the sexy librarian who will ask him about dirty Freudian ideas. In the meantime, he spills repressed thoughts at http://bluejayeye.blogspot.com/.

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