Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Interrogation with Matt DeBeneditcis

 Matt DeBenedictis of Atlanta, Georgia


SSF: In your opinion, what is your worst habit in romantic relationships?

Matt: I'm told I don't listen, but then I'm told I listen to every word and the emotions behind them.

Relationships are magic tricks and mixed drinks. Find what works and never tell a soul.

SSF: Fill in the blank: I am getting _________ and_____________ all the time.

Matt: busier / higher (this is my adulthood and I'm fine with it)

SSF: What is the last thing you read that blew your mind?

Matt: As of this moment I'm bored with books. I read them and write notes on how they could be compressed into the greatest short story. Beside my bed is a fort of bound print.

The chapbook "Museum of Fucked" by David Peak melts me in all the right places. It makes me want to carry a knife and write my obit on my hand, just in case.

SSF: If you had to sit next to Barack Obama or Woody Allen on a twelve hour flight, who would you choose?

Barack. I think Allen would enjoy talking about his life, his films and public thoughts too much. Though I'm a huge fan, he seems to be too aware of his own biography.

SSF: What would you and Barack talk about?

Matt: If, like myself, he thinks Ice Cube's "The Predator" is the greatest album of all time than we would have a lot to talk about.

SSF: What is the last bold thing you have done?

Matt: Flicked two children off while the parents stared through me. I asked if their names were Regret #1 and Regret #2.

SSF: What one song would you mind never hearing again?

Matt: "Jane Says." Seriously that song can burn in hell. I wish I could say I hate this song on the moralistic principle that a band can't re-record their hit song numerous times in lieu of new material.

Once I dated a girl who would tell me everyday, "That song is about my life." After three weeks of solid freshman coupling I realized Jane was in fact not her middle name, just a punk rock jerk off fishing for deepness. 

When we'd fight she'd yell into my face lyrics from the song. She'd call me Sergio when it fit the moment. I'd make plans and she'd hum, "I'm gonna kick tomorrow."

My best friend ended up taking her from me.

It's not cheating if you're happy it happens.

SSF: What is the most offensive question a stranger could ask you?

Matt: Questions are never really offensive, maybe worth a laugh to test the tension. Statements are what cause anger.

SSF: Thoughts on Hootie and The Blowfish

Matt: Is there a sexual move called that yet? Well, there should be. If you're reading this you have a homework assignment; it can be messy if you want. Follow your heart, as well as other things.

SSF; What have you written that you are most proud of?

The first three pieces of prose I ever wrote. I consider them all as one moment as they were all sketched and finished within the span of three days: a day for each one.

A flash piece was written on a note pad while in traffic. I imagined a church burning on the hilltop of a small town. I saw priests and a few nuns laughing and dancing as the cross fell transforming to ash.

Each piece after was more involved and longer in form. I didn't care if anyone ever read them.

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