Monday, June 21, 2010

News To Muse

Hello Traveling Muse,
Are you still at large? Your internet silence means you have been far from the internet on your adventures. Here's the scan of the typewritten pages I have for you. Sorry if it's a little incoherent. I thought if I got drunk and high it would be a more honest account. Judge for yourself. It kind of ends without an ending but perhaps there'll be a part two. Also, it may seem a little dated as it's been awhile since I wrote it. But if you re-read your original letters it should make sense. Hope you're well.


  1. My eyes are bad and also my head kind of hurts so can we have a transcription of this?

  2. I just read this letter out loud to my girlfriend from her iPhone while we drove down the highway very fast and a little drunk and it was amazing. Thank you for typing it up.