Thursday, June 3, 2010


by Craig Sernotti

I took her to a
posh Italian restaurant
with valet parking
for our date.

I had to excuse myself to the
when our entrees arrived.
Diverticulitis once again had impeccable timing.

Later that night, drunk,
she told me roll onto my stomach
for a nasty surprise.

She spread my ass.
And found something.
A clump of toilet paper the size of an
avocado pit.

For some reason
my Facebook page still says

Craig Sernotti writes when he's horny, sad, indifferent, drunk, inspired, tired, wired, contemplative, in mixed company, and/or alone. His first poetry collection, FORKED TONGUE, was recently release by Blue Room Publishing and is available from The one thing he did this week that he's proud of is recycle a bong. Love Mother Earth.


  1. I got a bit confused as it reads like she knew what she would find when she rolled you over - was this the intent?

  2. The nasty surprise was that she was going to toss salad. But she found a clump of leftover tp.