Monday, May 3, 2010

Three Poems

by Joseph Hargraves

He told me

that he had a very big
dick and liked
to beat
other men in the face
with it. He liked to
suck dick and to taste
cum even more than that.
He told me he liked licking
assholes. Sticking his
tongue between the cheeks
of a stranger's ass
was heaven.
But more than any of this
he said that he loved the song
"What's it All About, Alfie?"


for Jennifer

You want yours bigger;
figure $8000 for the surgery.

You're a flat-chested feminist
who learned how to give great blow jobs
to distract men
from thinking
about small breasts.

If I had the money
I'd buy you a new pair.
But who knows,
you might die on the operating table
or wind up with a third tit
from traveling silicone.
You'd really have to give fantastic head then.

I like your breasts;
but you're the one
who carries them


how many hands
have been under
David’s fig leaf?

drops of sweat
on the marble chest

by bored school boys
who looked up
from The History of Art

raising their hands
for permission to go
to the lavoratory

to bite the stone
while the leaf

My name is Joseph Hargraves. I am a hermit living in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

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