Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oblivion Anchor

by Eric Beeny

I slip a condom onto a crowbar, slide the crowbar into your vagina.

I begin heaving, try prying your vagina open, bracing my feet on your thigh, leaning my back against your other thigh.

I pull the crowbar toward me, as if rowing a boat.

I’m afraid to look over the side.

I keep rowing, and your vagina begins to open.

Water pours out, as if the boat sprung a leak.

Light pours out, as if the night sky is unzipping its pants.

My legs get wet and immediately dry in the light coming from inside you.

The boat begins sinking into you, and, with it, I’m sinking into you.

I will forget how to swim, and disappear into your depths with the crowbar as my anchor.

Eric Beeny is the author of several novels by Danielle Steel. His blog is Dead End on Progressive Ave. (http://ericbeeny.blogspot.com). The thing he did that he’s most proud of this week was he visited his friend in the hospital.

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