Sunday, May 16, 2010

Christmas Eve At Macy's

by Fjord Fjordlestein

It was the night before Christmas, and the men had been waiting in line all afternoon and into the early part of the evening. Mostly they were silent, though a few spoke to each other conversationally, small talk about preparing for the oncoming winter, sports, lay-offs. All around them, generic Christmas music was piped in over the speakers.

Peter Sorkin, however, waiting at the rear of the line, had not said a word. It was going on eight hours now, and he had not so much as sat down or gone to the bathroom in all that time, so afraid he was of losing his place. But it was all in vain; no one had gotten in line after him. He was the last, the very last in line, and that’s all there was to it.

Wasn't that pretty much a fair summary of his life until now, trying to desperately hold on to last place? He was a short, thin man, not completely unattractive, if he'd been able to temper his looks with an engaging personality which, unfortunately, he was not.

Suddenly, the man standing in front of him turned to Peter and smiled widely. "Think it'll be worth the wait?" He was a very large man with a thick, black mustache glistening with either sweat or grease, Peter wasn't sure.

Peter shrugged.

"Shit, man! I've been here every day and every night this week! It's worth it, let me tell you!" He laughed hard and Peter had to turn his head so he wouldn't inhale the man's junk-food-induced breath.

The line was growing shorter. He could finally see the winter wonderland looming before them, which was their destination. At the top of the cotton-ball hill was a full-sized gingerbread house, lined with candy-canes and gumdrops. Surrounding it were animatronic reindeer and snowmen, slowly waving and rotating on their mechanical bases. There were maybe a dozen men between him and the entrance.

Just then, the Christmas music was silenced.

“Attention, shoppers,” came a shrill voice. “Macy’s will be closing in ten minutes! Please make your final selections at this time and bring them to the front registers!”

Peter looked at his watch in a mild panic. To think, if he had wasted the entire day standing in line and had absolutely nothing to show for it!

Then he heard one of the men further up in the line curse to themselves and say, “Dammit, I gotta get home,” put their coat on and leave.

He wasn't the only one. About five other men also cursed to themselves and left the line.

Peter was elated. The line had cleared out to around half of its original length. He was almost at the front!

“Attention, shoppers. Macy’s will be closing in five minutes! At this time, we ask that you please make your final selections and bring them immediately to the front registers!”

Peter’s heart-rate accelerated. There were only three men in front of him now! Could he do this in five minutes, was it possible?

He was so lost in his panicked thoughts, that he nearly did not notice the elf.

She came out of the gingerbread house and skipped down the candy-cane striped steps, a wide grin on her face. She was about five feet tall, maybe shorter, but absolutely perfectly proportioned. Her legs were long and bare, disappearing into a pair of green shoes with bells on their toes. The skirt she wore - what there was of it - was red and green and frilly. Her large, perfectly rounded breasts spilled out of the strapless top she wore and jiggled as she bounced down the steps.

“Who's next?” she called out in a sweet voice. She seemed absolutely care-free. At this close range, Peter could see the twinkle in her eye.

The man next in line said, “Actually, my partner and I were hoping to go together. Is that okay?”

“Whatever you want!” The elf stood between the two men and held both of their hands in hers. She led them up the steps and into the gingerbread house and then they were gone.

Peter swallowed, felt himself growing lightheaded.

The man with the greasy mustache turned and bellowed, “Well, I guess it’s just you and me!” He laughed wickedly.

"Yeah, I guess," Peter managed.

In only a few moments, the elf skipped down again. She was tripping slightly, however, and had something white on the corner of her mouth. She hiccuped as she said, “All right, I’m afraid we’ve only got time for one more." She looked between Peter and the other man. "Who’s it going to be?”

The man laughed a rich guffaw, turned and gave Peter a resounding slap on the back. "Well, no hard feelings, pal! Better luck next year, huh?”

Peter looked down at his feet.

Then the man leaned in closely, so that his breath was most overpowering. "Don't be so pathetic," he whispered, "You look like the kinda guy that's used to jerking himself off at night, am I right? So, what's one more night?"

Then, rubbing his hands together, the man turned toward the waiting elf, who welcomed him with a glad smile.

Peter watched helplessly as the man gave the elf’s ass a tight squeeze, fiddled at it with his fingers. The elf just giggled and held the man tight around the waist. "Just you wait!" she teased.

When they got to the top, she did turn and saw Peter standing miserable and forlorn. She gave him a sympathetic shrug of her perfect, bare shoulders, leaned forward and blew him a consolation kiss.

“Attention, customers!” came the announcement over the loud speakers. “Macy’s is now closed for the night! I repeat, Macy’s is now closed for the night! Please bring any final selections immediately to the front of the store for checkout. Otherwise, at this time we ask that you make your way to the exits.”

Peter tried to control the tears that came to him. He was such an idiot! He’d wasted his whole day and he had absolutely nothing to show for it! Yes, like the man had said, he would be going home tonight and jerking himself off, just like he did the other three hundred and sixty four days of the year.

A mall cop came sauntering over. “Hey buddy!" he called in a thick Irish accent. "Stores’ closed! Let’s move it along, huh?”

“I’m coming, I’m coming… I think I left my umbrella over here!”

“Don’t play any tricks!” the cop shouted, moving on.

Tricks? Peter didn’t play tricks. Did he? He pantomimed searching for a missing umbrella, and then hid behind a display of Christmas chocolates. His heart was racing. What was he doing? Was he going to hide out all night? And then what?
He didn't have time to double-think his plan any further. There was laughter coming from the gingerbread house. He crouched down and spied through a tiny opening. He could see clearly as the man with the greasy mustache left the gingerbread house by the back steps. This time there was not one, but two elves helping him along, one on either side! Two! They looked so similar, they could have been twins. And perhaps - Peter swallowed, that light-headed feeling returning - they were.
They seemed equally merry, grinning widely, bells on their toes. One had her slender hand down the front of the man's pants and was rubbing him vigorously as they walked. For his part, he had his meaty hand around the other's breasts and was rubbing them so hard it must have hurt, but she seemed like she was enjoying every moment of it.
"God, I can't tell you how much I love you two!" he exclaimed.
They glanced at each other and laughed.
"C'mere, let me give you one last lick, huh?" He grabbed one of the elves suddenly and licked her from the tops of her breasts to the bottom of her chin. Then he grabbed the other and licked her, too. "My own personal candy canes!"

They laughed and laughed, then wrapped their arms around eather other and called out in unison with cheery smiles, “Merry Christmas, Mr. Jacobs!”

“Merry Christmas, ladies!” he shouted, rubbed his eyes as though he was drunk, and then stumbled out toward the front of the store. "Happy New Year!" came his voice from the darkness.

Peter had not breathed in five minutes. It would have been a massive understatement to say that he was as hard as a rock. But if all that had come before were not enough, he then observed with frontrow clarity as the first elf turned to the second and said, “Silly, you still have some on the corner of your mouth!”

“Oops!” said the second.

“Here, let me…” And she leaned in and began licking it from her partner's face. They held each other as their tongues entwined. Then, just as quickly, released each other, giggling.

Peter moaned involuntarily.

“Oh!” The elves jumped. "Who's there?"

“I didn’t mean to startle you…” he said, standing up and tripping over the Chocolate Bar display, which came cascading down.

“Sir!” said the one, straightening the front of her outfit. “I’m afraid the store is closed! You’ll have to come back next year!”

“No, please!” Peter pleaded. “I’ve been waiting in line all day!”

The second elf put out her index finger and waved it at him shamefully. “Sorry, sir,” she said in her singsong voice. “Rules are rules!”

“Please! I beg you! I’m begging you! Look!" He got down on his knees and clasped the fingers of his hands together. "I'm actually begging you! You can’t send me away now! I’ll do anything!”

All around him, the lights of the store were being turned off, things were shutting down.

The elves glanced at each other. One of them shrugged. “I’ll see what I can do.” She walked back up the stairs.

It seemed like an eternity that she was gone. The other elf set about gathering up the props, cleaning up.

“So…” said Peter, uncomfortably. “You, uh, like your job?’
She stood, her arms filled with wrapping paper and ribbons. She thought about the question, then answered, “I like the people I meet.”
Finally, the other elf came bounding down the stairs. She looked at Peter squarely and said, “Sir, I just have one question for you.”

Peter tried to breathe regularly. “Okay."

“Have you been a good boy this year? Or a bad boy?”

“Good! I’ve been good! Oh God, I’ve been good! I haven’t lied, I haven’t stolen… I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I… I exercise, I eat well, I..!”

The elf put her hand on his arm. “Shh,” she said. “Try and relax. She'll see you now.”

With those simple words, he very nearly came in his pants.

Her hand was so warm and so soft as she wrapped it in his. He followed her up the stairs.

“Have fun!” shouted the elf still at the bottom of the stairs

Peter wanted to thank her, but he found he couldn’t speak.

“Are you nervous?” asked his elf, giving his hand a tight squeeze.

“No, no, not at all, absolutely not!”

She giggled. “You’re cute,” she said, then stood on her tiptoes and gave him a peck on the cheek. “I’ll see you again when you’re done.”

After she left him, Peter turned. He was standing at an archway inset with candies and wrapped in ribbons and bows. There was fake, fluffy snow all over the floor which hovered in the air once it had been kicked. He followed the red carpeting around the corner, and he saw her, sitting in a large, mahogany chair.

She was tall, so very tall. At least six and a half - maybe seven - feet tall. Her legs were long and tan, crossed at the knees. She wore the traditional Santa Claus outfit, cut off shortly below her waist. Her large breasts heaved out of the top of the outfit, the nipples just barely concealed behind white, fluffy fabric. Her long, blond hair fell down over her face. She was the most gorgeous woman Peter had even seen, could have ever imagined. She was sex personified. She was everything. She was waiting for him.

“H-Hi," stuttered Peter.

"Sit on my lap," she told him. "And tell me what you would like for Christmas.”

Peter came forward, climbed up on her lap. It was so warm. She emanated heat. The fabric of her dress was so soft and comfortable.

“Don’t be shy!” she laughed. She pulled him closer to her, so that he was snuggled on her lap and leaning against her body. He could feel her flesh. He could not stop staring at her breasts. He’d never seen breasts so large and so percect and so inviting.

She began playing absently with his hair, running her long fingers down the back if his neck. “Now,” she said. “What can I get you for Christmas?”

“I… " He looked up her at her face, her warm, smiling eyes. “I...”

She kissed him fully on the mouth, pushed her warm tongue inside the inside of his mouth and tasted him fully, as though it were he who was the object of desire. She took his other hand and brought it up so that it pressed against her breasts. His fingers took over, digging beneath the soft material to find the perfectly rounded underside of her breasts. He squeezed them and played with them.

“It’s... it's okay," she breathed. "You don’t need to speak. Play with me. Just play with me.”

He didn’t need to be told twice. He used both hands to fondle her breasts, opened up her blouse completely. He leaned in and put his face between them. She brought her hand behind his head again and forced his head further between them. She was really moaning now, and the more he licked and the more he squeezed, the more on the tip of orgasm she seemed.

"Yes..." she said, "Yes..." She unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his penis which was hard and thick and gasping for fresh air. She rubbed it softly and sensuously, and the more she did, the more he felt himself melting into her body. Yet the whole time she rubbed, she moaned as though she were bringing herself to fulfillment.

“How does that feel?” she asked him softly.

“Good! Oh God, it feels good!”

She stroked him a bit harder, then brought his face up to her own and gave him another deep kiss. She rubbed him and rubbed him and he felt himself getting closer and closer until finally he broke away from her mouth long enough to yell out, “I’m coming, I’m coming!”

And come he did. He came for longer than he could ever remember having come. It pumped out of his penis.

“Candy!” she called out.

Immediately, one of the elves ran into the room. She didn’t ask questions, just ran up and kneeled down, began lapping up the come, putting his whole penis deep into her mouth and working it again.

Peter pulled off her top completely and again kissed her breasts, sucking at them hard, as though trying to milk them.

"Yes! Suck at them! That's the way!"

Meanwhile, Candy had really begun to pump hard. She was making yummy sounds, as though she were licking a candy cane herself.

“I’m… I’m…” Peter breathed. And he came again. Janice swallowed it effortlessly and did not release her seal. “I’ve never… I’ve never… gone more than… more than...” But he could feel it rising in him again, and he again shot another load into her mouth. This time Candy did break her seal, and she eagerly began lapping it up, with her wet tongue all over his balls and beneath his balls. She was panting heavy, still with the yummy sounds.

"Oh God, is there more?” she asked him eagerly.

“I don’t… I don’t know!”

“Well, if there is, I’ll be waiting!”

Peter watched as she went back over to the other elf.

“Did you swallow all of it?” he heard her ask.

“Not all of it!” And they again began to kiss deeply, running their tongues inside of each other and feeling each other up.

Just then, before he knew what was happening, the great woman had slid his penis down under her skirt, sliding it effortlessly into her warm, perfect pussy.

The great woman closed her eyes and thrust her head back, bit down on her lower lip while Peter thrust it into her again and again and again, getting wilder and wilder, squeezing both of her breasts as hard as he could, even while she admonished him, “Harder!" And he did, as hard as he could, until she screamed in ecstasy, tears streaming from her eyes.

After he came inside of her, she lay there breathing heavy, as though barely unconscious.

“Are you… okay?”

“It’s okay, I think she’s finished for the night,” said Candy, helping Peter down off her lap. "It's been a long day. Mandy!” she called. “You’d better get her cleaned up. She looks pretty wet.”

The other elf ran over. “Excuse me, Miss S,” she said, “Just gotta get you cleaned up.” She got down and began licking at Santa’s pussy, licking up all the excess juices.

“Ohh…” said the great woman, eyes still closed. “Ohh… yesss… Slow.”

“Boy!” said Cnady. “You’re a real juicer!” She led Peter out of the main room and back into the gingerbread foyer. "How are you feeling?"

“I feel…" Peter thought about it. "I feel wide awake!” he declared. It was true. Usually, after sex he was sound asleep in seconds. But his heart was racing, his mind felt sharp. “I feel amazing! I feel like…” He looked at the elf. “I feel like I could go again! And again and again and again!”

She giggled and began pulling down her red and green panties. She turned around and faced the wall, presenting him with her ass. With one hand, she spread her cheeks apart. “I was hoping you were going to say that!”

Fjord Fjordlestein
once masturbated in the Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ. This week he did story-time at our local Farmer's Market.

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