Friday, April 16, 2010

Four Poems by RC Miller


Four or more drinks every night.
Slip into an alien god like clear meat into whipped cream.

Oh, canals, my fishermen mush and spot
A gland mostly bone, hence boner.
With two fingers it's all cameras.

In the buff you're shooting up a high school.
That must be tough considering its spectacular ocean view.
Team sports splat pink commodes poolside.
Naleigh, bedazzled, spits up soy breast milk.
Studio wishes suck your right one.

Five or more pear-shapes every morning.
Slip into the ridge that runs along another leg on the stairs and
We can rub together as mostly muscles from none of the above.
With eight fingers you're so pensive.
I love to cook on your face once you orgasm.


Thrives on disappearances
And I get to dreaming
Black gay fistfucked missionary interracial


I am your skeleton under the ground
You are my skeleton without the frown
Search for the real and you've become
Buttfucked by Air Force One
Defending delusion, lamb-sore


Muff to tongue is always marathon.
I am with you girl, so teach me that there's nothing better
About your satisfaction than foot suckers
Submitting to the piss of the vampire.

She purrs redness like latex heats a shiver.
Her basement harbors an inescapable bush of golden veins wok fried.
Lard in my gagging presses double anal things
Not clipboards.

The plug stretching from her smile is named Sheath.
I look for a possessed toy while pretending to ride an emergency brake
Dressed as a cop making his asshole speechless and far from plain.
I piss with density of purpose and patriotism.

RC Miller
lives in Metuchen, New Jersey and maintains blog at This week he's proud of not dying.