Sunday, March 21, 2010

What She Tells Herself

by xTx

When he waits until the kids go to bed before making you learn your lesson; that is love. When you don’t press charges because you started it even though you had to get four stitches in your scalp; that is love. When you do everything he asks without opening your bitch mouth; that is love. When you buy the beer that is on sale instead of his Miller High Life and he only throws the empties at you; that is love. When he swears this is the last time and he is sorry and he picks you up and puts you back in the car; that is love. When he cleans up the blood after the punches; that is love.

xTx writes more effed up shit than this so she apologies for not coming through. Her least favorite sexual position is rape which, coincidentally, is also her cliche sexual fantasy. You can masturbate to the title track of her free e-book Nobody Trusts a Black Magician if you want, or visit her blog at

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  1. hadn't read/listened/masturbated to that title track till now. woooo! fuck me while you rape my lawyer.