Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,
I was thinking a lot about you and how much you influenced my choice of men. I love men. I love you, and the difference between you and all the men I have known is basically nothing, except sex. They kiss me passionately and roughly, while you kiss me on the forehead. They touch me sexually and forcefully while you give gentle hugs. And when they spank me it is erotic, instead of for punishment, unless we are role playing. For laughs, they pretend to lick my insides out while restlessly using the Internet. You make silly knock knock jokes. I have become accustomed to extreme love making and little foreplay, but most of all I do love foreplay. You used to play with me as a child, without the erotic element. I love the way that men wrap their tongues around my clit and open it so incredibly wide that it gushes with wetness, white and thick. I love their heated pumping dicks inside of me, and there is nothing close to this that I could compare to our relationship. Oh daddy, how men are so confusing. When you are raised by a man who truly loves you, how are you suppose to differentiate between that and a man who loves your sex organs.
Love, Your daughter.

by Margaret Simon

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