Friday, May 28, 2010

What Never Sleeps Rests Inside

by Gretchen Cello

i want you on…
(9th avenue) – the way it used to be.
when you were above me and i was (lost);
inside the lights of times square.
flickering electro-skittles above sidewalks swimming with…
(dreams.) the way we pretend
it doesn’t hurt.
summer nights spent in sweaty
(surrender) celebration.
listening to the fruit stand roll past my open window.
(3rd street) – downtown.
you would touch my naked body and say you liked the…
buildings to hide between
rise up splashing shadows
where we danced in chelsea,
dined on spring street.
i am left.
street lamps down fifth.
in our perfect city.

Gretchen Cello likes things that stain your teeth and reading Alice Bailey books. She currently has red fingernails and orange toenails which is likely to change in a few days. She posts writing every day at

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  1. mmmmhmmmm
    I'm lovin' it
    this goes well with my Little Penguin
    pinot noir